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Benge Trumpet Parts Rebuild Kit
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Benge Trumpets - 3rd Slide Stop Nuts - Silver
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Benge Trumpet Parts Rebuild Kit

Item Description:

Benge Trumpet Parts Rebuild Kit
This is every part you need to completely rebuild your Benge Trumpet.

This kit includes:

3 - Finger Button Felts
3 - Valve Stem Felts
3 - Valve Guides (Nylon)
3 - Valve Springs
2 - Water Key Springs
2 - Water Key Corks
2 - Third Slide Bumper O-Rings
1 - Third Slide Stop Nut Bumper

This kit fits all Benge trumpets, cornets and flugelhorns!

You'll pay more than this for ONE TRIP to your local repair shop! Save Time, Save Gas, Save Money ... Repair It Yourself!

Note: Felt colors may vary. However, the thickness of the felt will be correct for proper valve alignment.

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Benge Trumpet Parts Rebuild Kit
Benge Trumpet Parts Rebuild Kit
Benge Trumpets - 3rd Slide Stop Nuts - Silver
Benge Trumpets - 3rd Slide Stop Nuts - Silver

Benge Trumpet Parts Third Slide Stop Nut Set

Cornet And Trumpet Comparisons

The trumpet is often compared to the cornet. The trumpet and the cornet are even played in nearly the same manner. Most cornet players also play the trumpet and vice-versa. When referring to a trumpet or cornet, many players use a term called 'Bore'. The bore is the measurement (width) of the inside of the brass tubing, usually the tubing measurement where the airflow exits the valve casing determines the overall bore size of the cornet or trumpet. This gives the player a general idea of how much air flow the cornet or trumpet can handle, and whether the cornet or trumpet is too large or small for their particular playing type. The larger the bore, the larger and usually louder the sound will be. However, if you look closely at the tubing of a cornet, it starts out pretty small at the mouthpiece area and slowly gets wider as it approaches the bell. The cornet bore is often referred to as conical. This is usually not the case with a trumpet, although some conical bore trumpets have been produced over the years. In retrospect, many players also refer to 'bell' or 'flare' which is the actual size of the opening in the bell. The bell of a cornet or trumpet also determines it's particular sound. The larger the opening of the bell, the more soft and mellow the cornet or trumpet will usually be. A small bell on a cornet or trumpet will usually mean a very bright, loud and often 'tinny' type sound. Jazz cornets and trumpets usually have small bells. Similarly, a small trumpet bell is usually found in a marching band setting for a big and bold sound. The cornet mouthpiece is also smaller than the trumpet and the shank (long tapered end) of a cornet mouthpiece is also smaller. A cornet mouthpiece will not work in a trumpet or vice versa without the use of an adapter that will insert into the receiver. The cornet is also (usually) smaller than the trumpet, making it easier to hold. This is especially helpful for young musicians. In many school bands the director will use the cornet to train a beginner and then allow them to move on to a trumpet as they excel. The cornet is most revered for it's exceptional melodic qualities while the trumpet is usually recognized for riveting fanfares. The cornet is considered a leading brass instrument, in that the cornet plays leading parts in a wide variety of musical pieces. The cornet has been referred to as the piccolo of the brasswind section. Yet, a first chair trumpet player is also able to play some of those same lead parts. It is rather a tom-aaaa-to or tom-ahhhhh-to type of issue. The largest issue and an issue that cannot be argued is that the cornet and trumpet differ primarily in the types of sounds (timbres) they produce. After all, it's like comparing a small child playing an A on a piccolo with a rock-n-roll guitarist pounding out an A. Isn't it? Or is it? No matter what anyone says or beleives, the cornet and the trumpet are sure to be around forever.... or at least until the last trumpet sounds.

Benge Universal Trumpet Parts Trumpet

We Might Buy Your Used Trumpet!

Currently, we only advertise new Trumpet parts. However, we are always interested in a reasonably priced used Trumpet to part out. If you have a non-working or even a severely damaged Trumpet that nobody has an interest in, a closet Trumpet or even a wall ornament Trumpet or scrap metal Trumpet that you would be interested in selling; Please email us so that we can get it torn apart, buffed and parted out to resell to those that need the Trumpet parts. Email us at and help us put an oldy-but-goody Trumpet back into playing condition.

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